Life Coach Shereka Dunston helps Black millennial women engage in spiritual resets to transform their pain to purpose. 


ABOUT Shereka

Life Coach Shereka Dunston is a wife, mother, empowerment speaker, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and Life Coach Mentor. She is the co-founder of Family Strategists, LLC, founder of Black Life Coach Connection, author of Proceeding from Pain to Purpose: To Embark on Your Destiny Workbook, and host of the Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity Podcast. She is passionate about helping other Black millennial women experience life transformation through the discovery of  their divine purpose.

Life Coach Shereka Dunston has been a professional life coach for over 7 years, and she earned her initial life coaching certification from The Certified Life Coach Institute. She received specialized training through the Academy for Coaching Parents International, Transformation Academy, Lisa Powers Health & Wellness, and The Priority Academy. Areas of specialization include: Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Coaching for Parents & Families, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki I & II, Meditation, Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitation, and Relationship Workshop Facilitation.


She earned a Master of Social Work from Boston University and a Master of Human Resources from Western Carolina. Life Coach Shereka Dunston is a proud alumna of North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.


client & customer reviews

2020 Course Client

Life Coach Shereka Dunston is amazing. I literally just disconnected from our Leveraging Workbooks for Life Coaches zoom call and it was EVERYTHING!!! If you are interested in creating a workbook and need information on how to start the process, this is class for you. If you have started a workbook and need inspiration on how to finish it, this is the class for you. If you have ideas in mind for a work book and need some advice on how to put it together, this is the the class for you. The price of this class is pennies compared to all that you will learn. This was worth every cent and everything I needed to complete my workbook. Thank you Shereka, for creating this space and this product. I’m truly grateful.

Coaching Confidence Lab Participants

My favorite part was Shereka's confidence. As a result of the Coaching Confidence Lab I am available to feel confident in providing Coaching to my clients. I enjoyed every part of this session. I don't have any complaints.


Thank you Shereka for providing your services. I now feel confident and encouraged to provide coaching to my future clients. Your poise and grace allowed me to ask questions for clarity and feel confident to be a Certified Life Coach.

Workbook Customers

I've used the Proceeding from Pain to Purpose Workbook in many ways. Several of my clients have survived trauma. The fact of knowing they are not alone is life altering for my clients! They are able to identify and relate to many of the emotions. I LOVE this book and will continue to use it!

-Jacqueline Parks-Leach, Therapist

The Proceeding from Pain to Purpose Workbook has changed my life by helping me to recognize how previous hurt impacts my life today. It also empowers me to use that same pain to help others. 

-2020 Coaching Client


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