After surviving dating violence and sexual assault as a teen, Shereka Littlejohn Dunston's world was rocked when she lost a close family member to domestic violence in her mid-twenties. Shereka then picked up the pieces of her life to transform her pain into purpose by becoming a domestic violence and sexual assault prevention educator and advocate. Then the unthinkable happened: Shereka experienced a miscarriage that left her depressed and defeated. Despite the heart-wrenching pain, Shereka continued to pursue her passion. She was blessed with her beautiful rainbow baby almost two years to the exact day of her angel returning to heaven. Immediately following the birth of her son, Shereka's life almost came to a tragic end on the operating table. She fought hard in the spirit to survive, and now she is once again at a place to turn her unspeakable pain into purpose. Shereka believes that her job here on earth is to empower other people to live their purpose by overcoming their painful pasts. 

Shereka is the co-founder of Family Strategists, LLC and author of Proceeding from Pain to Purpose: To Embark on Your Destiny Workbook. As a Certified Life Coach for Parents and Children and a Certified Financial Social Worker, Shereka is passionate about helping people transform their lives after painful experiences. 

Shereka has been a professional life coach for over 6 years, but her greatest accomplishments are being a wife and mother. Shereka earned her initial life coaching certification from The Life Coach Institute of Orange County, and she received her specialized training from the Academy for Coaching Parents International. She earned a Master of Social Work from Boston University and a Master of Human Resources from Western Carolina. Shereka is a proud of alumna of North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications.


Proceeding From Pain to Purpose

The Workbook

In The Proceeding from Pain to Purpose: To Embark on Your Destiny Workbook, Shereka describes how to deal with wounds from the past and work through negative emotions to live a fulfilling life that inspires others. This book is in no way a substitute for professional counseling, but it will help those who have already sought professional help to continue the amazing spiritual journey to connect to themselves and their destiny through 10 action steps. 

The Life Coaching Progam 

This From Pain to Purpose life coaching program combines the 10 action steps of Proceeding from Pain to Purpose: To Embark on Your Destiny Workbook with 15 hours of personalized, one-on-one coaching with Shereka. Shereka expounds upon the workbook with meaningful goal-setting exercises, to prepare you to share your story and engage in  purpose-driven endeavors to positively impact the lives of others. 


Available EBooks

These workbooks are in PDF format for you to download and print at home. 


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